our story

Screamers has been a staple in Radium and the Columbia Valley for over 25 years and we saw an opportunity to take a very successful business to the next level and make it a flagship destination for our community. Radium is known for its history and its retro vibe. We decided to capitalize on this and designed Screamers to have a very retro feel but with all the modern touches. You can come into Screamers and have a traditional scoop of ice cream, a retro banana split or an affogato which is a scoop of ice cream with a delicious shot of Oso Negro espresso.

ABout the ice cream

ABout the owners

In 1896, Central Smith was founded first as a farmer's co-op in Ontario. The “factory” produced quality cheese and butter from the milk supplied by local dairy farmers. In 1952, Central Smith began exclusive production of premium ice cream. In 1978, the Scates family purchased Central Smith, gradually developing a variety of sherbets, frozen yogurts, dietetic ice cream, and frozen desserts.

 We have a fantastic in-house baker and our coffee is sourced from Oso Negro from Nelson BC.